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School year 2021-2022

Monthly Tuition Fee

Ages 3-5 Years old

-45min/class 2 times/week-$170

Ages 5 and up (Includes Dance classes, Acting classes, Vocal classes, Gymnastik, Acro)

-2 hours/week-$175/month

-3 hours/week-$225/month

-4 hours/week-$270/month

-5 hours/week-$315/month

-6 hours/week-$355/month

-7 hours/week-$380/month

Unlimited classes $435/month 10hours and up
(No make up Classes and no refund available)

Pick up fee

2 times a week-$110

3 times a week-$130

4/5 times a week-$170

1 time pick up $15( one way)

Weekly fee for day camp and after care

(All classes included within the schedule)

-Day camp

$250/week 8.30am-6pm

-After care

$130/week-available after 2pm

-$75-Private dance class-Any style or Solo Dance

-$50 Registration fee for new students OR for students who did not attend for 2 months or more.

No Refunds under any circumstances!!!


No refund for any missing days